Geotechnical Investigations & Drilling

  • Geosearch is fully capable and resourceful to undertake any assignment of geotechnical investigation for high rise buildings, bridges, roadways, hydraulic structures, sensitive structures using latest and industry standard equipment with professional excellence.
  • Geotechnical services also include Piling Works, Soil Dynamics / Liquefaction Studies, Rock Mechanics Studies, Slope Stability studies, Deep Excavation Support Systems
  • We have facilities for all kinds of drilling for Mineral Exploration, Quarry Investigations, Tube well drilling and Piling.
  • Geosearch having necessary equipment and capabilities for diamond as well as other types of core drilling up to the depth of 200 meters for geotechnical investigations with NX, NQ, BX, BQ sizes using single, double and triple tube core barrels.
  • For Tube wells we have the facilities to drill up to 1000 feet with straight and reverse rotary drilling techniques along with D&T.