Remote Sensing & GIS

  • Processing of all kinds of remotely sensed digital data, which includes Landsat 7 ETM+, SPOT, ASTER, IRS, LISS-III, DEM/DTM, SRTM/DTED, QuickBIRD, IKONOS CARTERRA, World-View and LiDAR data for the development of earth images and their DEM/DTM at different scales for further use.
  • Geological and Structural mapping / interpretation and analysis using earth imageries.
  • Photo-geological and Cultural interpretation using aerial photographs, satellite imagery and radar imagery.
  • Development of Geographic information system (GIS), MRIS, Cadastral Management System.
  • Integration of geological / geophysical and remote sensing data for final presentation to the end user.
  • Land-cover and Land-use mapping by using remote sensing data.